inflatable structures office for indoor corporate events and trade show

inflatable structures ideal for both indoor and outdoor corporate events, exhibitions, expos, fairs & festivals.

These rip resistant structures are available in a wide range of models, styles, sizes and shapes including:

Our new range of high performance inflatable structures have unique features and options such as a specially engineered pattern and air beams that provide far greater support against wind gusts of up to 55 mph than traditional inflatable structures.

They can be fully customized to meet your marketing needs with replaceable printed covers featuring company logos or other other branding and advertising material.

Structures can also be joined with seamless tunnels and passageways to produce complex multi-room or multi-building environments. They can be fitted with special fluorescent lighting that illuminate structures from within to produce a stunning visual effect your clients and customers are not likely to forget and provides enhanced visibility at night as well as during the day.