Inflatable Marquee tents for instant party event

Inflatable Marquee tents for instant party event

Item: Cube tent-013

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Inflatable Marquee tents for instant party event is very convenient and flexible which is widely used as inflatable party tent,inflatable event tent,inflatable advertising tent, inflatable sports tent, inflatable exhibition tent, inflatable wedding tent, inflatable warehouse tent, rest room tent and so on.


Delivery Time: 5-10 days

Payment Terms: Western Union, Bank Account

Accessory: a. Blower with CE/UL certificates, 110V/220V, various powers.                      b. Repair kits, glue, spare materials, etc Features Durable, waterproof, portable, easy to set up Application

1. Promotion, advertising, celebration, wedding, exhibition, trading fair, etc.

2. Entertainment and leisure for children and adults; outdoor and indoor activities;

3. Temporary shelters for emergency incidents: building ,relief of earthquake and other incidents Instructions:

          1.3-10minutes to finish inflating;

          2. Blower should be protected from rain all the time. 

          3. Repair kits are provided for repairing product.

          4. After each use, fold product carefully and store it in proper place.

We also have inflatable spider tent, inflatable marquee tent, inflatable dome tent, inflatable cube tent, inflatable tunnel tent, etc. It can be used in many party events such as promotion party, wedding party, dinner party, Or for disaster relief, family use to rest, entertainment and park car, etc. Most of all, it is portable, durable and convenient, you can use it whenever and wherever you need it