Air-Tight Inflatable Finish Line Floating on Water Arch for Water Sports Events

Air-Tight Inflatable Finish Line Floating on Water Arch for Water Sports Events


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Inflatable floating arch is a huge attention getter at any marathon, triathlon, race, or event. Arches are ideal for runner start and finish lines.

Inflatable floating arches are the easiest way to get noticed at your event. The arch can be used to mark the beginning, end or transition area of your race or event. You can even use Archways as entranceways to an event. Each race arch is custom made for you.

Our inflatable arches come in a number of standard designs. Inflatable arches can have artwork printed onto the fabric, or onto removable banners.

Size: 6x3m, 8x4m or Customized
Material: 0.6mm or 0.9mm pvc coated tarpaulin 
Application: Putting your message on the advertising medium is very cost effective to get the attention of masses of customers. They are highly visible and are irresistible attraction magnets to advertise your business, products, services and ideals. From indoor sports arenas to outdoor, highway intersections, gatherings or parades _ advertising inflatables simply works at many events:

1. Entertainment events advertising

2. Sporting events advertising

3. Political events advertising

4. Celebration day advertising

5. Corporate family days

6. Trade show advertising

7. Boating and yachting events

8. Outdoor advertising

Our Advantages:

High Quality, Safety Standard and on time delivery!

1). 0.6mm or 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin which is specially customized for outdoor advertising, it is more elastic and extend life time, meeting EN71, ASTM related standards, can bear low temperature(about -40° C), do not get crack in the winter.

2). Special customized PVC with more than 8 hours products test to make sure no leakage and last at least 10 days once filled, all which will save your helium expense.

3). Brilliant colors available at no additional charge.

4). Full digital printing is available

5). Lighting systems are available

6). Free Repair kits with patching material, ropes.